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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

3 Reasons My wife is BETTER than yours!


While I am not big on sappy post and blogs I did want to not only say Happy ANNIVERSARY to my wife, but tell you my wife is better than yours!

I am sure you say, "oh here we go a husband doing the whole sappy kiss up on his anniversary.......yea yea we've heard it all before!" Well, I say no sir! Here are 3 real word reasons why my wife is better than yours.

1) She prays for me without ceasing:
I know this because on multiple occasions she has looked me longingly in the eyes and said, "right now the best thing for me to do is stop talking to you, walk away and pray for you!"

2) She is the MOST supportive wife EVER:
Simple math word problem here,
U Haul trailer + 3000 miles + 3 kids  + Eugene, OR = Most Supportive wife ever

* to make this an algebra problem and add an X factor.....she did all that and NEVER saw our new house until we pulled up in the driveway that day!

3) She sacrifices herself for her family:
It would be much easier for Mir if she would start teaching again, but she feels called to stay at home with her do I know it is a calling? Oh the times I walk in the door after work and she throws me the baby like a halfback toss as she is walking out the door. As the door is closing I hear her proclaim, " the two big ones argued ALL day about what shade of blue the sky is, the little one pooped in the floor and then tracked it EVERYWHERE.......I QUIT!!" Of course, a couple hours later like The Lone Ranger rolling in on her stallion she returns with van full of groceries with a smile....albeit.....a forced smile. THAT'S NOT EASY, THAT'S A CALLING, THAT'S SACRIFICE!

So, you see 3 real life reasons my wife way better than yours! I love my wife and I love our journey. I feel like we are in one of those terrible chick flicks where this elderly couple is on a dock at a lake and they keep flashing back to this crazy wild life they had, where their love grew through adventure and adversity. My love for her grows stronger and stronger, even when I think there is no way it could grow anymore. I can't wait to be on some dock in some crazy foreign country watching the flashbacks with Mir. OH YEA....that reminds me #4!

4) Not only does my wife not drag me to those terrible chick flicks.....she doesn't even like them.....BOOM.....SCOREBOARD FELLAS.......MY WIFE WINS!!



  1. Happy Anniversary you two! I have always thought you guys were such a cute couple. But then I worked with Miranda and got a tiny peek behind the curtain. What I found was a couple that despite imperfections I admire and respect. I miss your family but love the way your family is following God without reservation. I hope y'all have a great anniversary!

  2. Thank you very much Paganellis! Hope you guys have a great holiday season.

  3. Michelle, you are very kind. We miss you and your family too! Hope you guys have a great holiday season.